Lodrane 24D 12 Mg / 90 Mg


Pill Lodrane 24 D Lodrane 24 D has been identified as Lodrane 24D. Tablet Lodrane 24 D Lodrane 24 D is manufactured by Ecr Pharmaceuticals. Tablet Lodrane 24 D Lodrane 24 D is blue and has a capsule-shape shape.

These pills are available via rx and/or otc.

Important Details

Drug Lodrane 24D
Strength 12 Mg / 90 Mg
Imprint Lodrane 24 D Lodrane 24 D
Color Blue
Shape Capsule-Shape
Manufacturer Ecr Pharmaceuticals
Availability Rx And/Or Otc
Generic Name Lodrane 24D
Drug Class Upper Respiratory Combinations

Lodrane 24 D Lodrane 24 D Imprint Images

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