Pill Identification Database

Research over-the-counter, generic, and prescription drugs by imprint, color, and shape.

Have you recently found a pill you can’t identify in your home or in the belongings of a loved one and you’re worried about what it might be? That fear is understandable: it could be anything, especially if you have never seen it before.

To face this common and troubling scenario, we have created Pill Addictions. Here, you can search through our massive database of pills to fine-tune your search and properly identify the pill that you have found. In many instances, this can be a life-saving activity.

There are multiple ways that you can search our database. First, you can search the pill by it’s imprint, color, and shape. The "imprint" is the number printed on the pill, such as "GPI A5," as indicated in the example photo. Type these letters into the "Imprint" field and hit "search" to see your results. Usually, this should narrow it down to one or two drugs.

But what if there is no imprint? Then, you can search by the color and the shape of the pill. Each of these searches includes a drop-down menu that makes it easier to sort through the possible options. Using this option will be trickier, because there will be multiple possible pills that pop up, but it should be easy to sort through, as each pill includes a picture that makes it easy to identify.

However, if you already know the name of the drug or even it’s National Drug Code, you can use search using these parameters. This is useful for pinpointing the effects of a drug or knowing if the drug labeled on the bottle is what is contained inside.

In this scenario, you can search "Xanax" in the "Drug Name" field to get a listing of its effects and a picture. And if the Xanax picture doesn’t match, you can use the "Imprint" or "Color" and "Shape" fields to figure out exactly what exactly it is.

The variety of search options helps make this one of the most useful and accurate pill-search tools on the market today. And it's absolutely free.